• Calvin Center Equestrian Programs Participant Liability Release

    WARNING Under Georgia Law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equestrian activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to O.C.G.A.§4- 12-3.
  • (participant or parent/guardian of participant) hereby consent to the participation of
  • in any and all of the Calvin Center’s Equestrian programs, including but not limited to recreational riding lessons, trail rides, therapeutic riding and/or hippotherapy. I acknowledge the risks and potential for risks in riding and working with horses. However, I feel that the possible benefits to myself/my child/my ward are greater than the risk assumed. Intending to be legally bound, for myself, my heirs and assigns, executors or administrators, I hereby assume all risks associated with the horses, horseback riding and the handling of animals and equipment. I waive and release forever all claims for damages of every kind and nature whatsoever against Calvin Center/Presbytery of Greater Atlanta, its board of directors, instructors, therapists, aides, volunteers, owners of horses leased to Calvin Center, and all representatives, successors, assigns and/or employees thereof for any and all injuries and or losses I/my child/ my ward may sustain while participating in Calvin Center’s Equestrian Programs.
  • Parent/legal guardian if under 18 years of age, or not independent
  • Calvin Center Equestrian Program Photo Release (optional)

  • hereby consent and authorize Calvin Center/Presbytery of Greater Atlanta to use and reproduce any and all photographs and any other audiovisual materials taken of me/my child/my ward for promotional printed material, educational activities, or for any other use for the benefit of the program.
  • Parent/legal guardian if under 18 or not independent
  • * If participant is under 18 years of age or not independent, a parent or guardian must sign where indicated.

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